Rhynd Fitness

Our Coaches

Dylan Ronaldson

Dylan is our head coach at Rhynd Fitness and looks after not only the members, but the gym. He has a keen eye for correct movement and technique with a passion for injury rehabilitation. He's certified as a Pre-Script L1 Coach and in Pre-Script Skill Acquisition. Whether you’re entirely to new to health and fitness, or you’ve been training for a long time, Dylan is equipped with the tools and knowledge to help push your performance and confidence to new heights.

Connor Longmuir

Connor is an ex-Scottish rugby pro coach who is studying in Dundee. He loves rugby, long walks on the beach and all things fitness. He believes in a variety of different training methods and strives to ensure that all of those who take part in his sessions leave smiling. He takes our Farming Fit classes every Sunday and Wednesday, scaling straw bales and maybe even getting you to pull a tractor!

Ariane Hine

Ariane is a PhD student at the University of St Andrews and she has a huge passion for fitness. Growing up, she was never the sporty type. "I was normally the one making excuses to avoid the gym!" After lockdown, though, she decided to turn her life around, lost 20kg, and absolutely fell in love with working out and everything to do with the gym. All of this led her to a PT qualification to help others feel empowered by their fitness goals.

Angus Moss

Angus coached rugby, along with many other sports, for five years and is currently a Sports and Exercise Science student at Abertay. As a rugby player himself, he developed an interest in gym training in an effort to improve on-pitch performance, and when injury halted his career, he turned to strength training and fell in love with it. This led to his PT qualifications and a wealth of knowledge that he's keen to pass on to members.

Nathan Pike

Nathan is attending Abertay University for Strength and Conditioning, as well as recently completing his personal training qualifications. His main passion lies in helping young and developing athletes improve their performance in sports, but he also loves working with all abilities and goals to be stronger, fitter and more athletic. A keen lepidopterist, Nathan can often be found roaming the woods.