Rhynd Fitness

Our Coaches

Dylan Ronaldson

Dylan is our head coach at Rhynd Fitness and looks after not only the members, but the gym. He has a keen eye for correct movement and technique with a passion for injury rehabilitation. He's certified as a Pre-Script L1 Coach and in Pre-Script Skill Acquisition. Whether you’re entirely to new to health and fitness, or you’ve been training for a long time, Dylan is equipped with the tools and knowledge to help push your performance and confidence to new heights.

Jason Grant

The ever-upbeat Jason has been a part of Farming Fit since the start in March, 2019. He's an outdoors person and can usually be found up the hills running with his dog Fergus, or taking on some other fitness-related challenge at the weekend If he Isn’t competing In his favourite sport Canicross. Any class with Jason will leave you wondering how one man can have quite so much to say, and absolutely knackered. He's particularly keen on his running and coaches the new weekly Strength to Run programme.

Connor Longmuir

Connor is an ex-Scottish rugby pro coach who is studying in Dundee. He loves rugby, long walks on the beach and all things fitness. He believes in a variety of different training methods and strives to ensure that all of those who take part in his sessions leave smiling, if not a little sore! His outdoor spirits and background coaching pro rugby makes him the ideal fit with our team here at Rhynd Fitness. He will he taking our Farming Fit classes every Sunday and Wednesday, scaling straw bales and maybe even getting you to pull a tractor!

Cameron Livingston

Cameron has spent time coaching a variety of sports over the years, including rugby and sailing, before receiving his PT qualification. Coming from a rugby background, his coaching style focuses on a hybrid of strength and endurance training. Drawn to the personal aspect of fitness coaching, Cameron is a big advocate of leaning into the new and unknown, especially helping others reach fitness goals and working with them on their journey.

Hannah Braidwood

For Hannah, coaching needs to be fun and tailored to the individual. She's seen the benefits of sport-specific training for her golf, and she likes creating training plans that suit people's hobbies and passions. She loves seeing people achieve things they never thought were possible, and she loves the environment at Rhynd Fitness: "it's the most kind and caring gym environment I've been involved in!"