Meet The Team

Clarinda Foster

Clarinda moved to Craigie Farm with her husband John in 1973 and has helped run the farm since. She can be found making the delicious jam and marmalade you can buy in the Rhynd Café, as well as doing all the many tasks that need completed on a daily basis. She is the proud owner of three (not very well behaved!) Norfolk terriers called Smudge, Digga and Porridge.

Ed Foster

Ed started helping on the farm in 2012, and has helped launch the Rhynd Café, Event Space, and Farm Fit at the Rhynd, the new exercise class that runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9am. He’s a life-long motorsport fan, just like his father, and is the reason for the motorsport theme in the Café. He likes driving around in a 1961, 6.7-litre Chevrolet Impala, although the cost of fuel means he’s usually restricted to his 750cc Fiat Panda.

Lisa Montieth
Rhynd Manager

Lisa joined the team in 2018 and has done an amazing job bringing the Café and Event Space to the next level. Always smiling, she’s a qualified paddle board instructor and her heart lies by the sea. She has a keen eye for detail, and she is a self-confessed “hippie with a degree that can be found sliding around on the waves somewhere in Scotland”. When not at her desk, she can be found behind the counter at the Café.

Rosalind Chrisp
Craigie manager

Rosalind has been at Craigie since 1996 and in that time she has helped organise the Ecurie Ecosse car tours, run the Scottish Clay Shooting Centre and endlessly troubleshoot the extraordinary number of problems that crop up on a daily basis. She currently helps look after the farm, and is one of the most important people in the business as she makes sure everyone is paid on time!

Matthew Gibson
Rhynd front-of-house manager

Matthew joined us the day the Café opened in June 2017. Back then we had half the number of tables, a quarter of the organisation and none of the experience we have now! He’s been instrumental in making sure the customers at the Café always have a great experience when they come in for tea, coffee or food, and is now an expert at setting fires in wood-burning stoves.

Caitlin Gibson
Rhynd Café staff

Caitlin is one of the most efficient people we know – she’s always working away and always has a smile on her face. Even if someone asks for something totally bizarre at the Café! Which does happen, a lot… Caitlin doesn’t just work out front at the Café, she is also sometimes in the kitchen, sorting the freshly made protein shakes that people have after Farm Fit at the Rhynd.

Hazel Steen

Hazel has looked after the horses at Craigie Farm since 2013. She can be seen riding past the Rhynd Café come rain or shine, and she manages to keep all the horses in tip-top condition, despite their amazing ability to injure themselves literally standing in a field! She also owns two Dalmatians called Comet and Piper.

Ellis Findlay
Rhynd sous chef

Ellis started at the Rhynd waiting tables, but her talent for cooking was soon discovered and she is being trained up by Kenny. She’s brilliant at the themed cakes for the likes of Mother’s Day, and she’s very quickly getting her head round everything in the kitchen. No mean task when the orders are coming in thick and fast. She loves dogs, which is always a good thing when the Café is full of them!

Kenny Gray
Head Chef

Kenny joined the Rhynd Café in spring 2018 and, come rain or shine, he is at the Rhynd, working away in the kitchen, producing his now-famous flaky sausage rolls and cakes, as well as everything else you see come out of the kitchen door. Much like the Fosters, he’s keen on using as many local ingredients as possible. Unlike the Fosters, he harbours a secret love of pies!

Dean Brown
Rhynd Staff

A fellow dog lover, Dean spends most of his time as the kitchen porter or, as we like to call it, the underwater ceramics technician. He sings a lot when he works, and is also a dab hand at stoking the wood-burning stove, which keeps you all warm during the winter months. He also gets out front when it’s busy and clears tables before retreating back into the kitchen for some more musical ceramics work.

Ron & Emma
SCSC manager & receptionist

Just down the road from the Café is the Scottish Clay Shooting Centre, which Ron has managed since 2000. He’s the best clay shooting instructor you’ll find, and looks after the team down at the ground from all the extra instructors, to Emma the always-smiling receptionist. The clay ground is open every Saturday, and by appointment during the week.

Chief crumb hoover

Porridge loves food. Despite rigorous training, she’s not that fussed about all the Café food being locally sourced and made on site. In fact, what she’d really love is to be lowered into the food bin and left to her own devices for several hours. She’s a keen mouse hunter, and loves to chase pigeons, although she does feel that their gift of flight is particularly unfair. Still, it won’t stop her trying.