Rhynd Metalwork

High Quality Welding by local Specialists

Rhynd Metalwork was set up in the summer of 2021 to meet the needs of the farm and the local area.

Conor Docherty heads up the welding shop after 10 years in the Royal Navy as an aeronautical engineering technician. In his time in the Navy, he learned many skills, one of them being the ability to weld to a very high standard. Since leaving, he’s honed his skills and now undertakes all types of work from Olympic lifting benches to long-lasting welds on old farm sprayers!

Alongside Rhynd Metalwork sits Rhynd Strength, which is the arm of the business that designs and makes gym equipment.


  • Mending farm equipment quickly and efficiently. We have a 'drive-in' service so that you sometimes don't even need to remove anything.
  • Long-lasting garden furniture.
  • Many types of lathe work.
  • Gym equipment.
  • Building stable partitions for horses.
  • Light milling.
  • The ability to use our spray booth, which fits most cars and vans.

Rhynd Strength

Rhynd Strength focusses on high-quality gym equipment, from dumbbells to sleds, farmers carries and Olympic lifting platforms. Everything is made on site, here in Scotland, and thanks to our on-site gym Rhynd Fitness, every prototype is tested to its limits!

All our gym equipment is made with the best German steel, sourced from a local dealer in Edinburgh, and is all fixed: there are no nuts and bolts to work loose and there are none of those annoying plastic caps that fall off. Everything’s sealed, so that no moisture can get in, and all the equipment can be left outside.

We can also make gym equipment to order in short timescales. Not sure anyone can make what you need? Then give us a call or send an email. 

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