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Rhynd Fitness is an outdoor, farm-based fitness hub that caters for anyone who wants to improve themselves both mentally and physically. A space that isn’t limited by a gym’s walls, that gives you the freedom to use the natural surroundings of a working farm and exercise in the fresh air.  

We have a team of qualified coaches that cover cardio, strength, strongman/woman, HIIT, circuits and running. We’ve got you covered, whatever exercise it is that you want to do.  

From private woodlands to our fitness arena, from an indoor gym space (inside our big tent) to running and cycling routes – Rhynd Fitness can cater for all. The workouts are fun, collaborative and based on teamwork and communication. What’s more, anyone can do them, whatever your level! Come and join our community today!

About Us

Rhynd Fitness was in 2019 and had one main aim – to make fitness fun. It's very rare anyone reaches their fitness targets as the goal posts keep on moving. You have to love the journey!

It started with Farming Fit – an outdoor, farm-inspired workout with straw bales and tractor tyres, and has since grown to include an indoor space, various running routes, team-building sessions and health seminars.


"My first session of Farming Fit was tough, and we hadn’t ever done anything like this before. We kept coming back and our fitness has massively improved. It’s still tough, but we love it. The group exercise I really enjoy, and the sessions are different every time, there’s lots of variety. It’s something that gives you an all-body workout.  
"The coaches are lovely, they always give you scaling options. If you’re nervous or anxious, don’t be! We’re all friendly, and we laugh every single session."  

"It really is a great way of improving your fitness whilst having fun with a really good group of people. I started not knowing anyone and I really have made some good friends now.  
"I do it every weekend and it’s a great way to start the day. We’re all from different backgrounds, different ages, different fitness abilities, but it doesn’t matter, we’re all there for the same reason – we want to get fitter and better.
"It’s always a good workout, and the coaches are fab. I would highly recommend it! You will have fun, you will be challenged, and you will be pushed, but it’s the best."  

"I talked myself into it as I wasn’t sure about doing it – I didn’t know anyone and had those worries. But when I got here, saw how organised it was, how structured it was, it was great.
"I’ve been coming back ever since!  I used to do cardio and occasionally go to the gym, but I wanted something with a plan to be stronger.
"The coaches are really approachable and go through everything you need to know, it’s all mapped out for you and that you never do the same workout twice, and the guys that I’ve met here have been great. I’ve been doing it for six months and we’ve all got a really good bond."
Member since May, 2019

“I definitely feel physically stronger with Rhynd Fitness, and it keeps me active when I’m working from home.
“The coaches explain what we’re doing and they’re fantastic. The classes are so different, everyone’s friendly, and it’s always fun.  
“Am I likely to stick around? Ab-so-bloomin-lutely! The mix of outdoor and online works really well for me, and it’s excellent value for money.”

Member since November, 2019

Where Are We?

Rhynd Fitness is based at the Rhynd Farm, just 15 minutes from Dundee and St.Andrews, and five minutes from Tenstmuir Beach. If you’re coming for the first time, do Google ‘Rhynd Café’ as the postcode isn’t very accurate!


The Rhynd
Craigie Farm
KY16 0DR