Personal Training

Jason Grant of JLG Fitness and Wellbeing has been training people for years and his unique knowledge of both fitness and strength work means that he can tailor his programmes to whatever you want to achieve.

He also works closely with various athletes on their nutrition, as well as the right approach to competitions, whether that’s running or an obstacle course race.

Jason holds the majority of his personal training sessions at the Rhynd where the land is your playground, whether you’re outside on the running routes or strawbales, or inside with resistance bands and kettle bells.

Dylan Ronaldson also takes personal training sessions and is Level 3-qualified as well as being a CrossFit Level 1 instructor who has a passion for varied fitness and a keen eye for correct movement and technique.

He brings energy to every class he takes with his unique ability to light up a room and keep a smile on your face, making sure every workout you have is great fun.

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