Our suppliers

Even before we opened the café in June 2017 we knew we wanted to source as many ingredients from local suppliers as possible. The best example is our fruit: the berries are grown literally metres from the café and we make sure that what we use isn't sent off to get weighed and sealed. It comes straight off the fields and into the café.

We get our pork from Puddledub in Kirkcaldy, our chocolate from The Pittenweem Chocolate Company, our other meat from Minick of St Andrews and our bread from Fisher and Donaldson, also in St Andrews. It's not necessarily the cheapest route to take, but we believe taste and supporting local businesses are more important.

We took a long time selecting our coffee... Locally sourced coffee in Fife, Scotland doesn't really exist! We tried some local distributors, but eventually went for Origin Coffee, that's based in Somerset. One of the many reasons we chose them is that they buy directly from farms and knew all the growers by name. They have visited everywhere that they source beans from and can vouch for the working conditions. What's more, the coffee tastes amazing...