The Rhynd burger secret

At the Rhynd we take our burgers very seriously. Well, we take all our food seriously, but especially these! There is nothing better than a delicious burger. And there is nothing worse than a bad burger.

Having tried various different types of beef we settled on Aberdeen Angus, sourced from Fife. It has an amazing taste and it's been well hung. What's more, we can trace which farm it came from. Being able to do that with our food is really important to us.

Good meat is only the start, though, and we started building from there. First up is the brioche bun - it's soft and lightly toasted to add that extra bit of flavour. We then add bacon (also from Fife) and cheddar cheese, before finishing it off with homemade paprika mayonnaise and homemade chipotle sauce, which has a slightly spicey tang to it. Add fries, some coleslaw and Robert's your father's brother.

The recipe for the homemade paprika mayonnaise and chipotle? Well, that would be telling... You'll just have to come and try it! 

Rhynd burger